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founder · editor-in-chief · photographer · translator (ZH)

A New Jersey-born girl with an extremely Chinese upbringing, The Red Goji emerged in Aria's brain as she dispensed Asian goodies to her friends in a middle school cafeteria. She later executed that idea during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, motivated largely by loneliness and ennui. During her moments of unproductivity, Aria likes to watch k-dramas, read old books, and make flaky pastries. Currently lives in the U.S.


co-founder · executive manager · translator (AR & SV)

Although originally from the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, Sarah spent the majority of her childhood away from there and was immersed in different cultures from a very young age. Learning more about different traditions and cuisine was (and still is) something that intrigued her immensely. So when Aria proposed joining The Red Goji, she immediately leapt at the chance. In her free time, Sarah likes to read, swim, or attempt to try new recipes. Currently lives in Sweden.


director of design · digital artist

Christina is a native New Yorker and first-generation Chinese American. She is an aspiring architect at the Georgia Institute of Technology and an alumnus of The New School University's Parsons Scholars Program. Be it by designing the yearbook cover or painting murals around NYC, Christina always wants to support the community through her art. In her spare time, Christina likes to read webtoons, play instruments, and draw. Currently lives in the U.S.


director of marketing · translator (ZH)

Yan was raised in a Chinese family that loves traveling and tasting different foods, so naturally, she is the same. She also grew up watching Chinese TV and learned the language very quickly. She now appreciates her bilingual advantage, which opens a wider horizon for her to further explore her interest in business consulting. In her free time, she likes to binge shows, play guitar, and hang out in new spots around NYC. Currently lives in the U.S.


director of communications

Mimi is a rising high school senior in New York City who loves cooking and writing. She joined RG to pursue these passions and to broaden her horizons and meet other students from around the world. When she’s not responding to your comments and DMs on our Instagram, you can find her reading, singing, practicing Arabic with her Egyptian family, worrying about her next math test, or endlessly scrolling through TikTok. Currently lives in the U.S.


co-director of finance

Sheridan Burns (Sher, Sheri), is a senior in high school and the co-director of the finance team here at RG. Growing up, she has always enjoyed cooking, baking, and arts and crafts. Her favorite part of working for The Red Goji is creating the budgeting system and working to maintain an orderly financial statement for the team. In her spare time, she likes to write, spend time with family, and play clarinet for her school band. Currently lives in the U.S.

Maria is a rising high school junior from the Big Apple. She lives, eats, and breathes food, an unrivaled passion of hers that she joined RG to fulfill. She is a tech-savvy person with an interest in computers and engineering, as well as an animal lover who would convert her house into a zoo if left unsupervised. During her free time, she likes to explore new places with her little dog. Currently lives in the U.S.


co-director of finance · translator (ES)


A first-generation Vietnamese American, Kristine is constantly sharing her love for her heritage with others by going on impromptu boba trips and teaching the proper way to enjoy Vietnamese food. Through her fondness for her own culture, she developed an interest in international cuisines. When she's not eating to her heart's content, Kristine enjoys listening to k-pop, playing League of Legends, and painting. Currently lives in the U.S.


digital artist

Gagani is a first generation American with a passion for art. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and discovered her love for graphic design when she was in junior high school. She has been pursuing her passion ever since and sells her art online in hopes of someday becoming a freelance artist. In her free time, Gagani watches k-dramas, reads murder mysteries, and does calligraphy. Currently lives in the U.S.


digital artist



translator (AR)

Living in a foreign country with mixed cultures for the first 15 years of his life, Eyad was able to develop a vocation for crossing bridges between cultures. He pictures himself as an intellectual person who utilizes his knowledge for the greater good. He always emerges in opportunities that enrich his knowledge and experience. Whenever he is free, he reads all kinds of books, especially novels that mimic historical revolutionary events. Currently lives in Egypt.


translator (FR & ES)

Elena has grown up as a first-generation American amidst the rich diversity of the Bay Area in California. She is dedicated and motivated to further her cultural experiences, and she hopes that one day she’ll be able to utilize them in a business career that lets her travel the world. When she’s not stressing out about school, Elena enjoys reading, playing the piano, taking pictures, and listening to music. Currently lives in the U.S.


translator (HI)

Raised in a Hindu family, Daisy's name has always sounded more foreign than expected—or desired. But perhaps it was destiny that gave her a name without the stamp of her culture, because this drove her to cast aside the bonds of language and experiment with music in all tongues. After all, why be limited to the familiar? In the future, she dreams of going to countries whose names she cannot even pronounce—although she currently lives in India.


translator (HI & MR)

Vaishnavi grew up as a shy and reserved kid in a small city in Maharashtra, India. After struggling with confidence, she came across RG and saw it as a perfect opportunity to begin something new. A passionate and motivated worker, she loves to learn about different languages, cultures, and people from all around the world. She's also an optimist who can be found reading, painting, watching YouTube videos, and expanding her horizons in her free time. Currently lives in India.


translator (JA)

Lior is a 16-year-old language nerd from the Detroit area. On top of her long-time passion for learning languages (in chronological order: German, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Bengali, Xhosa), she’s also a varsity member of her high school’s rowing team. Lior hopes to further her fluency in Japanese by joining the team here at The Red Goji, and can’t wait to try some of these recipes herself! Currently lives in the U.S.


translator (ZH & SV)

Rebekah was introduced to The Red Goji through her good friend Sarah and decided to join due to her love of learning and engaging in various cultures—especially through food, her primary way of staying connected to her Chinese roots as she grew up in Scandinavia. She enjoys playing the piano and flute, reading novels, and otherwise being artistically creative during her free time. Currently lives in Sweden.


translator (RO)

Although Teodora is not a particularly good cook, she has always been passionate about discovering new cultures and learning new recipes. When she found out about The Red Goji, she wanted to try it right away. Reading, listening to bedroom pop, discovering new things related to science, and taking part in track and field (hurdles are her favorite) are some of the things she enjoys doing when she isn't busy with school or RG. Currently lives in Romania.


translator (TE)

Neha has struggled with self-confidence in the past, but now recognizes herself as a social and artistic young adult. She firmly believes that anything is possible when she keeps her mind to it and is working towards a career at the intersection of cultural diversity, psychology, and computer science. She likes to bake and draw portraits of her friends when free. Currently lives in India.


translator (VI)

Food has always held a special place in Chau’s heart, especially Vietnamese cuisine. She has a deep fondness for Southeast Asian culture and enjoys it most through her grandma’s delightful homemade dishes; it was from there that her interest in discovering world cuisines eventually grew. She enjoys listening to K-pop in her free time, something she has been into since elementary school. Currently lives in the U.S.

Linh is a passionate person who works hard to make her dreams come true. She is motivated to spread positivity to others and bring Vietnamese culture throughout the world, and her ambition is to someday improve people's lifestyles through her love for exercise and nutrition. After tiring classes at school, Linh enjoys playing volleyball, hanging out with her friends, taking pictures, and dancing. She is also learning Chinese at a basic level. Currently lives in Vietnam.


translator (VI)



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